Overseas Licensing


"Manga" has become a word that symbolizes Japanese culture. Shueisha publishes a wide range of manga including boy's, girl's and youth manga such as "DRAGON BALL," "ONE PIECE" and "NARUTO," producing numerous smash hits.
These manga titles are licensed in over 35 countries and regions, and are loved by many fans all over the globe. And with animated versions, live-action versions and game versions in the making, they are advancing into new spheres and gaining a higher profile throughout the world.



We have given birth to many hit novels including Jiro Asada's "Poppoya (The Stationmaster)," which was made into a movie, Keigo Higashino's "Byakuyako" which became a million-seller, and "Hebi ni Piasu (Snakes and Earrings)," the brilliant debut work of the 20-year-old Hitomi Kanehara. These books are popular outside of Japan too, being especially widely read in Asia.