Shueisha Company Information

About SHUEISHA In Japanese, our name means “gathering of intellect,” and we at SHUEISHA Inc. convey interesting information and entertain millions each day through many forms of communication-including the printed word. As one of Japan’s leading publishers, our publications encompass a wide range of subjects and genres, from MANGA(=comic) and entertainment magazines to literature, art, children’s and reference books.  
Goals & Objectives of company Since our establishment in 1926, our corporate goal has been to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the modern reader. To keep on meeting this challenge, we consider the expansion of digital publishing and overseas expansion as our two most important tasks in the future.
Description of Business *Publication and Digital Publishing of Books and Magazines / MANGA, Literature, Non-Fiction, News, Economy, Children’s Literature, Complete Works Series, Dictionaries, etc.

*Website providing information and articles, smartphone apps, management of e-commerce sites

*Development and Sales of MANGA-based character goods

*Copyright management, Licensing

*Overseas expansion through VIZ Media and VIZ Media Europe

History 1925: Founded as the entertainment division of the publishing company SHOGAKUKAN.

August 8th 1926: Became an independent company separating from SHOGAKUKAN under the name of SHUEISHA

1949: Incorporated as SHUEISHA Inc.
Publications One after the other, SHUEISHA keeps establishing popular magazine in line as its position as a leading national publisher. Especially the comic magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” (first published 1968) is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Many MANGA are translated into various languages, and published in over 35 countries and regions. SHUEISHA is also a publisher of a variety of fashion magazines, which are targeted for readers of different male and female demographics, from teenagers to the middle-aged. We offer a wide range of other publications as well, which include domestic and foreign literature books, dictionaries, almanacs, art books, photograph collections, children’s books, etc.
Future Having many megahit MANGA titles is the major strength of SHUEISHA as a publisher. MANGA has an enormous amount of influence on the younger generation, which should make them our loyal readers for years to come. Moreover, through further utilization of MANGA resources in the form of animated films, movies, events, merchandising and through localization, we expect our business to reach all corners of the world in the future. Our publications are aimed at the Japanese domestic market, but many MANGA titles are distributed to the world through VIZ Media, especially in North America and Europe. We have plans to broaden our scope of business into the Asian and ASEAN region and Arabworld.
Company Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Employees Number of employees: 757 (Male 421, Female 336) as of July 1, 2019