Literature Tankobon

Publishes a wide range of work from literature to entertainment. Many famous pieces including Kenzo Kitakata's "Suikoden" and "Yoreiden" series, popular with men and women alike, and Jiro Asada's "Owarazaru Natsu (Never-Ending Summer)", which recounts the untold battle for Shumshu Island. It also established the Novel Subaru Newcomer Award and Subaru Prize for Literature to promote the growth of new talent. Winner of the 22nd Novel Subaru Newcomer Award Ryo Asai "Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo (Kirishima is Quitting the Club)" attracted a lot of attention for being a college student at the time of winning the award, and the book went on to be a long seller of 120,000 copies.



Shueisha Bunko

Shueisha Bunko continues to produce romance, history, mystery, classics and foreign translations from a variety of genres for all ages and genders.
The "Natsuichi" campaign, which begins each year at the end of June is popular with young readers and had become a signature event of summer. The campaign character is a bee named Hachi, which is used in presents such as book covers to lead people to the world of reading.
Also, popular manga artists such as Takeshi Obata and Hirohiko Araki help to promote the campaign by drawing book covers.



Shueisha Shinsho

Shueisha Shinsho is a non-fiction paperback series, which was founded in1999. "Shinsho" literally means “new books” in Japanese, and we specialize in introducing the most current developments in various fields of knowledge, mainly written by academics and journalists. Since its foundation, we have published approximately 1,000 titles in the series, including many best-selling works by Japanese authors as well as translations of books by internationally distinguished intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Amartya Sen, and Samuel P. Huntington.


Dash X Bunko

Dash X Bunko was founded in 2000 as a label for "light novel" novellas. It reached its 10th anniversary in 2010.
It provides front-line entertainment in the form of love & fantasy, school dramas, slapstick and comedy action, and full-scale sci-fi. Readers are mostly junior high and high school students. Some works have been turned into animated series or TV dramas.
The Shueisha Light Novel Rookie Award, set up to help discover new talent, has been presented 3 times.


Cobalt Bunko

Reaching its 35th anniversary in 2011, Cobalt Bunko has an ever-improving product lineup, having produced many Roman Award winners.
From the hugely popular cell phone novels, to historical love stories and love fantasies, it covers the spectrum of all possible romances.


Translation Books

In this era of globalization, Shueisha's Translated Books introduces and publishes a wide variety of foreign books ranging from social sciences to literature to entertainment. Our goal is to offer works, both fiction and non-fiction of all languages, that satisfy the Japanese readers' needs by selecting subjects and information from around the world that capture their interest. We translate and edit both hardcover editions and paperbacks and seek appropriate genres for each book. In the modernization of Japan, Western philosophies have assimilated into the culture through translated books, but in recent years, the number of people going abroad to study is on the decline as students are opting to stay in the country. In such a situation, we believe translated books are indeed a powerful tool in arousing people's interest in the "outside world." Our publications comprise books of all genres, including those by Proust, Le Clezio, Samuel Huntington, Sandra Brown, and Camilla Läckberg.