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We made the short movie "Dragon Ball's GENKIDAMA saves the world!" to explain what is GENKIDAMA in DRAGON BALL. Check it out and give your GENKIDAMA energy for the victims of East Japan great earthquake.
The message from Akira Toriyama was up-loaded to YouTube. We deliver all advertising earnings of this message to the stricken area of East Japan great earthquake.
Author Nobori Kiuchi receives the 144th Naoki Prize for "Hyosa no Utau."

On March 1st, 2011, Shueisha will launch a new student bunko "Shueisha Mirai Bunko" for elementary and junior high school students!
From June 2011, Shueisha's 85th Anniversary Project will begin publishing a 20 volume plus 1 extra edition series "Collection: War & Literature."
Shueisha and author Jiro Asada receive the Art & Literature Prize at the 64th Mainichi Publishing Culture Awards (hosted by Mainichi Shimbun) for "Owarazaru Natsu (Never-Ending Summer)."

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