Shueisha Bunko


Iebiyori (A Nice Day to Stay Home)

Author.Hideo Okuda

A businessman who suddenly finds himself an at-home dad after his company goes bankrupt… A housewife who starts having strange dreams when she develops a crush on her young boss at her part-time job… A wife who suddenly gets into LOHAS, a writer troubled by his neighbors, and other people who sense a "bright opening" that gently rocks the heart in those unsuspecting moments in everyday life… A collection of short stories that tenderly and warmly portray modern families that live right in your neighborhood.


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Kisu made no Kyori, Oishii Cohi no Irekata (The Distance to a Kiss, Coffee Break)

Author.Yuka Murayama

Because of his father's job transfer, Masatoshi has to go live with his cousins, a young woman and her younger brother, in the spring before he starts his third year of high school. He is surprised to see how beautiful his cousin Karen, five years his senior, has become. Moreover, she is the new art teacher at his high school. Living under the same roof, he learns of her secret and her sadness. I want to protect her! Masatoshi finds himself thinking of her as a woman. What will become of his pure, sincere love for her?



Zoo 1


What is this?! Genius Otsuichi's impossible-to-categorize short stories are now available in two separate bunko editions. The girls are twins, but only the older sister, Yoko, gets abused by their mother-"Kazari to Yoko (Decorations and Yoko)." What did the girl and her younger brother do to flee from their mysterious abductor?-"SEVEN ROOMS." These two stories and three others that were made into movies are in book "1." And as a special bonus, the bunko features a conversation between the author and manga artist Usamaru Furuya.


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Hikari no Teikoku, Tokono Monogatari (Tales of Tokono, the Empire of Light)

Author.Riku Onda

The power to memorize massive documents, the power to see things that are happening far away, the power to see the near future-the people from a land called Tokono all have mysterious abilities. Gentle, intelligent, and uninterested in power and authority, they live quietly among the ordinary folks. Why do they exist and to where are they going back? A series of short stories about the enigmatically kind and wistful Tokono tribe.



Momo no Kanzuke (Canned Peaches)

Author.Momoko Sakura

"I've never read such a funny book!" A tour de force of hilarious essays that made people of all ages-from school kids to the elderly-roar with laughter!! In this book full of humor and fun, the author writes about her experiences in everyday life, which include her now-familiar father, Hiroshi, her mother, and her older sister. The surprise conversation at the end of the book will also tickle every funny bone in your body. Includes colored illustrations drawn specially for the book.



Chichioya (Father)

Author.Shusaku Endo

Kikuji Ishii, a product development manager of a cosmetics company, and his daughter, Junko, a stylist working hard to build her career, feel the generation gap but live peacefully together nonetheless until Junko's relationship with a married man creates a big chasm between them. Kikuji is also surprised when he discovers Junko's lover's connection with a woman he was once in love with. His shock is compounded by an internal battle in the company over a new product. A full-length novel about the gentle bitterness of youth and family love in a sophisticated, urban environment.



Hanashite Kangaeru to Kaite Kangaeru (Talk and Think, and Write and Think)

Author.Kenzaburo Oe

How do people recover from their anguish? What is the true significance of reading books? To what does the "force of imagination" that it fosters lead us? About contemporary society, about his own family, about the national constitution of Japan, and about hope and the future- The Nobel Prize winner's words of sincerity and encouragement toward the youth. A collection of his lectures and an original essay written for the bunko edition.



Poppoya (The Stationmaster)

Author.Jiro Asada

The man stood at the station, even on the day he lost his daughter, even on the day he lost his wife... A collection of eight exquisite short stories, such as the aforementioned whose movie adaptation was a big box office hit. Others include "Love Letter," "Tsunohazu Ni-te (At Tsunohazu)," "Urabon-e (Festival of Souls)," and "Orion-za kara no Shotaijou (Invitation from the Orion Theater)." Includes a new afterword to the unprecedented bestseller that moved people all over Japan to tears. Winner of the 177th Naoki Prize.


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