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Haikyo Kenchikushi (Architect of Ruins)

Author.Aki Misaki

Mesmerized by their gradual degradation and regression back to nature, the narrator continues to build ruins. Ruins, which are nurtured by the passing of time, are indeed the manifestation of a nation's cultural maturity. But one day, "fabricated ruins" are brought into question... ("Haikyo Kenchikushi" (Architect of Ruins)). Mysterious incidents keep occurring on the seventh floor, and the city decides to remove the floor altogether. Citizens against the decision get together for a meeting, however... ("Nanakai Toso" (The Seventh Floor Conflict)). A collection of four out-of-this-world stories about buildings that seem to have a mind of their own and where reality and unreality intermingle.




Author.Tatsuya Mori

On the day of the verdict, the author is shocked as he lays his eyes for the first time on the completely "broken" Asahara. Nobody raises a voice about the undeniably unorthodox trial. It was as if they were trying to forget everything by condemning Shokoh Asahara and his aides to their deaths. The nation was transformed by the Aum incidents, which are considered the evilest, most heinous crimes in post-war Japan. The book delves into Asahara and his cult, Aum Shinrikyo, and sheds light on the depths of Japanese society.
"Why did those things happen? The ones currently giving the question the most serious thought are (nothing could be more ironic than this) the perpetrators of the crimes and the former cult members on death row." Following the Sarin gas attack on a Tokyo subway, society in Japan was overcome by terror and doubt about the vicious, evil group, and its demand for security and retribution was dramatically heightened. A controversial book that scrutinizes the essence of the crimes and examines where the transformation is taking the nation. The contents have been significantly expanded for the bunko version. The winner of the 33rd Kodansha Non-fiction Award.



Kuuhakuno Go Mairu (The Five-Mile Gap)

Author.Yusuke Kakuhata

In the innermost region along Tibet's Tsangpo River, there is an uncharted stretch known as the Five-Mile Gap. It is the Tsangpo Canyon, a legendary ravine that has thwarted numerous explorers from setting foot into the area. What did the author see during his possibly-fatal one-man expedition through this unexplored gorge? A young adventurer-writer's ambitious reportage and the winner of numerous awards including the Kaiko Takeshi Non-fiction Award.



Omoidenotoki Shuuri-shimasu (Repairing Memories)

Author.Mizue Tani

Meiri, a hairdresser tired of work and men, leaves the city. She moves to a shopping street where she spent a little time as a child and finds a shop with a peculiar sign. She meets the young man who runs the shop, once a clock shop, and is slowly drawn to him as she finds herself involved in vaguely strange incidents that occur on the shopping street. But Meiri has a secret of her own... A series of heart-soothing short stories set on a nostalgic shopping street. Written for bunko publication.



Watashi-wo Shiranaide (Don't Get to Know Me)

Author.Mito Shirakawa

The narrator, a second-year student in middle school and the new kid in class, meets a mysterious girl one day at the end of summer. The most beautiful girl he has ever seen, she is called Kiyoko and is ignored by her classmates for some reason. The narrator becomes curious about her, and when he follows her home... The unshakable emotions of youth and an inescapable reality. And the secret of the girl who is strong and supple like a sunflower... A brand new novel by the winner of the Mephisto Award. A piercing, coming-to-age story.


Byakuyako (Journey under the Midnight Sun)

Author.Keigo Higashino

1973…a pawn shop owner is found murdered in an abandoned building in Osaka. The police come up with several suspects, but the case goes cold. The gloomy-eyed Ryoji Kirihara, the victim's son, and the extraordinarily beautiful Yukiho Nishimoto, a suspect's daughter, continue their lives on different paths. Horrible crimes in and out of the shadow that happen around them. But there is no "evidence." And 19 years go by… A masterful mystery of epical scale written in meticulous, breathtaking structure about the tragedies of disheartened human beings.


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Author.Takayoshi Honda

Morino lost his parents 11 years ago in an accident and took over the family business of running a funeral home. He has turned 29 and is still doing business in the corner of a quiet shopping arcade. A message from the deceased delivered right after the funeral. A woman who demands to redo a funeral with her as the chief mourner. A boy who visits an old lady, claiming to be the reincarnation of her husband. What is the deceased trying to say? How do the survivors feel? After 11 years, a collection of gently moving sequels to bestseller MOMENT.


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Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo (Kirishima is Quitting the Club)

Author.Ryo Asai

The setting is a prefectural high school in the countryside. Kirishima, the reliable captain of the volleyball team, suddenly quits and starts a small ripple effect among his schoolmates. Fusuke, a benchwarmer on the volleyball team. Aya in the brass band. Ryoya in the film club. Mika on the softball team. Hiroki, a phantom member of the baseball team. Five students in different club activities and with different status at the school—how are their lives affected? A youthful and true-to-life novel about 17-year-olds and their coming-of-age.


Renso Godan-sho (Five Short Stories of Reminiscence)

Author.Honobu Yonezawa

Yoshimitsu Sugo, taking a leave of absence from college and staying at his uncle's secondhand bookshop, receives a request from a woman to find the five "riddle stories" that his late father wrote. As he searches for the stories, he discovers that his father was a suspect in the "gunshot of Antwerp," an unsolved case from over 20 years ago. What is the truth hidden in the five stories? Honobu Yonezawa opens new frontiers with this story about the light and shadow of people beyond the days of their youth. A sophisticated, hardcore mystery for adults.


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Yoiyama Mangekyo (Yoiyama Kaleidoscope)

Author.Tomihiko Morimi

The storyteller breaks the "Yoiyama taboo" and is abducted by big, muscular men. What is the "Yoiyama-sama" worshipped by the anomalous beings in the forest? ("Yoiyama Kingyo (Goldfish)") The man wakes up in the morning and finds himself again and again in Yoiyama. Will he ever be able to escape this loop? ("Yoiyama Meiro (Maze)") A series of mysterious events that occur on the day of the Yoiyama Gion Festival. The best of the world of Morimi, an intricate web of fantasy and reality, a collection of short stories as colorful as a kaleidoscope.


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