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Masquerade Hotel

Author.Keigo Higashino

A series of baffling murders in Tokyo… Based on a clue left at a crime scene, the police suspect that the next murder attempt will be made in the super high-end Hotel Cortesia Tokyo. But they have no suspects and no idea who the target will be or what the killer's motive is. Yet the hotel must conduct business as usual. In order to prevent the murder, the police launch a top-secret undercover operation. Detective Kosuke Nitta is chosen for the role. He and his partner Naomi Yamagishi, a competent employee of the hotel, encounter one suspicious guest after another and move closer to the truth behind the murders, however…
What lies at the end of the ultimate "outfoxing" in an elegant urban hotel? A prime full-length mystery novel for the finale of a series of special publications celebrating Keigo Higashino's 25th anniversary as an author.



Yuzai (Guilty Friend)

Author.Gaku Yakumaru

Junichi Masuda, the protagonist, gives up on his dream of becoming a journalist and starts working at a metal factor with a dormitory. On the day of his job interview, he meets Hideto Suzuki, who is the same age as Masuda and later his co-worker. Suzuki is reticent and sullen and is not liked by the people in the factory. But he and Masuda gradually grow close partly because of their same age. Fourteen years ago in Masuda’s hometown, a young boy was brutally murdered, his eyes carved out, by another boy a few years his senior. Masuda receives an offer as a journalist to investigate this case. As he continues his investigation, he begins to suspect that his co-worker Suzuki is actually the young murderer, who has already been released from the correctional facility….




Author.Ira Ishida

Hokuto Hashizume was abused by his parents since he was a little boy. In the first year of high school, he starts living with a foster mother, who he meets through child welfare services, and finally finds peace and stability both emotionally and physically. He enters college, but soon his foster mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Discovering that the over-priced water they used to buy to treat her illness had no medical evidence for its so-called benefits, the despondent Hokuto vows to avenge her death. A coming-to-age novel that delves into the mind of a lonely murderer.



Mizuno Katachi (Shape of Water)

Author.Teru Miyamoto

Shinoko, a housewife who lives in the old downtown of Tokyo, is given an antique writing desk, bowl, and letter box from an old coffee shop that is closing down. She later finds out that the bowl is worth 30 million yen, and with that discovery, she enters the world of antique trading. Meanwhile, from the letter box, she finds a small hand-sewn backpack and a journal by someone who evacuated northern Korea on a boat in 1946 right after the war. Through chance encounters and a twist of fate, her life at age 50 goes through a drastic change. A full-length novel with a positive take on "life."


Anata-ga Aishita Kioku (Remembering You Loved)

Author.Tetsuya Honda

Abducted and held captive. Both thumbs severed. Raped and strangled to death. When a series of brutal murders of businesswomen was creating a sensation in society, a schoolgirl appeared before me. "I think I know the murderer." Then what? What are you going to do with me? Kill me? Can you kill me? A non-stop romantic horror/suspense.


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Kumo no Oh (Cloud King)

Author.Hiroto Kawabata

Miharu, who works in a meteorological observatory, lost her parents when she was a teenager and now lives with her son, Fuhta. After she receives a letter from her missing older brother, she and her son visit a village in the countryside, get deeply involved with weather, and encounter people who knew her parents. Misono discovers that her family possesses a mysterious power. What kind of power is it and what role have they played? What if they can prevent weather disasters? An astronomical full-length novel that takes a new look at human involvement in nature.


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Natsu no Basu Puru (Summer Bus Pool)

Author.Tomomi Hatano

Ryota is in first year of high school. One morning during the first-semester exam period, he meets Kuno-chan, a strange girl who threw a tomato at him. This encounter suddenly adds zest to his life. The make-up exam, his best friend losing his virginity, a classmate who refuses to go to school, a rumor about the world coming to an end, his crush on Kuno-chan and her secret, complicated background. Various characters and incidents intertwine like buses moving in and out of a bus terminal. This is a vivid, coming-to-age novel about high school students' first love and their outlook for the future crammed into the five days before summer vacation. The author made a sensational debut in 2010 with Kokudozoi no Fami-resu (2010) which won the 23 rd Novel Subaru Newcomer Award. An up-and-coming writer capturing much attention with her novels with a unique world view. This is her new full-length novel.



No Graduation for the Girl

Author.Ryo Asai

Written in his last days as a college student, a series of short stories by Ryo Asai, the author of bestseller "Kirishima is Quitting the Club," a coming-to-age novel that was also adapted into a movie. The setting is the final graduation ceremony of a rural high school that is closing and getting torn down. Youthful and dramatic depictions of seven girls bidding their "farewells." Canny tricks in the plots add luster to the stories. Love, friendship, setbacks, regret, dreams, hope… A gem of a collection of short stories filled with everything about coming to age.



Ho-toh-ki (Story of Debauchery)

Author.Yuka Murayama

Kaho—the daughter, age 38, novelist. Mikiko—the mother, age 78, housewife.
Since she was a child, Kaho harbored mixed feelings about her authoritarian mother who demanded strict discipline. Why is she so hard on just me? Why not my brother or my sister? Especially her views on sex, they are puritanical, almost to the point of being maniacal…
A woman falls deeper and deeper into a life of debauchery as a way to extricate herself from the clutches of her overbearing mother. Will she ever be able to forgive her?
The author's first semi-autobiographical novel. A moving tale of a mother and daughter's love-hate relationship.


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Author.Seiji Kodokoro

In 1943, right in the midst of the Pacific War, Minobe, a Japanese newspaper reporter, is in Burma. British and Indian forces are invading the land again, clashing with the Japanese army more and more each day. Minobe sets foot in the battlefront and witnesses the locals living at the mercy of the hostility amongst the nations of Japan, England, India, and Burma—each country with its own beliefs and interpretation of justice. What is the "truth on a battlefield" he sees in the end? A war novel written by a young writer born after the war for those of us who live in the 21st century.


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